October 17th - 20th 2017, Göttingen, Germany

Baboons (genus Papio) constitute an important model in several research fields, including human evolution, social evolution and phylogeography. Our symposium Frontiers in Baboon Research brings together the leading experts in baboon research. Recent developments have provided new insights into the evolution of this taxon and into the interplay between cognition and social behavior. With this symposium we aim to

  • compile current knowledge on baboon evolution (molecular, palaeontologic, biogeographic)
  • integrate the existing knowledge into an overall framework
  • assess the status quo and the prospects of the various long-term field project
  • discuss how our current understanding of baboon social behavior and cognition can be tested in field experiments
  • identify new research directions

It is our goal to create a stimulating atmosphere for a fruitful exchange within the community of baboon researchers and to renew the discussion of baboons as an analogous model for human evolution. Participants are invited to present their research on baboons during our poster session.


On behalf of the organization committee

Julia Fischer and Dietmar Zinner